CNC Profile Cutting Machines

We are Authorised Dealer, Supplier, Service Provider of CNC Profile Cutting Machines, and our set up is situated in Pune, Maharashtra, India.

Salient Features
  • Bright Touch Screen Interface With a 10.4 in. (264 mm) industrial-grade touch screen, the Phantom provides an extremely user-friendly machine interface. The wide viewing angle and high resolution graphics generate a bright display even in the harshest shop floor environment, allowing operators to easily and effectively move through the menus and Touch Screen Interactive Display.
  • Eliminate dry runs and confirm the part program before cutting them with the Phantom full color graphic display. View the cut path in real-time and monitor cut progress - especially important with underwater plasma. Use the zoom tools to verify part spacing and eliminate wasted or unusable product.
  • Expandable Shape Library
  • True Multi-tasking Environment
  • Increase operator productivity by performing many different tasks within the Windows® XP Embedded environment. Load a new part program, create or edit a part program, choose a new part program from the shape library, create or edit a program nest, check production messeges, fill out productivity sheets or monitor consumables life all at the same time and all while the machine is cutting! Fast DXF File Conversion.
  • Go To (Job Interrupt) Interrupt the current cutting routine to cut a new part, move ahead multiple pierce points, recover from cut loss, recover from power loss, change torch consumables, interrupt a long nest, jump to the end of a part or nest or reverse the cutting path – all quickly done at the touch of a button without losing machine position and without scrapping valuable material.
  • Quick Plate Alignment
  • Monitor and Track Consumables guidethe cutting machine.
  • Commonly used standard shapes can be designed right at the control. Touch the screen to input the required dimensions and follow a simple logical prompting process. Shapes are graphically displayed with dimension lines to assist the numeric entry process. A dynamic display draws the shape, which reduces guesswork. Now even complex shapes can be made consistently and accurately. The Phantom accepts direct downloads of CAD/CAM DXF files, which reduces the expense of third party post processing software. Furthermore, the Phantom can automatically assign Lead In/Lead Out positions or the operator can make these assignments manually.
  • Quickly compensate for a plate that is not aligned properly on the machine. The Phantom rotates the part program for the proper placement on the true plate position. With a few simple screen prompts, the Phantom rotates the part program for the proper alignment with the plate. Virtually drop the plate and cut. This saves material and wasted time moving the plate into the correct cutting position. The Phantom tracks torch consumable usage and can alert the operator when a consumable change is required. This feature will maximize consumable life and torch life. In addition, cut quality and part accuracy can be held to the highest levels.