Centerless Grinder Hydraulic Machines

We are Authorised Dealer, Supplier, Service Provider of Centerless Grinder Hydraulic Machines, and our set up is situated in Pune, Maharashtra, India.

Salient Features
  •  High Grade Casting to ensure long life. 
  •  Designed for Both Through feed and In feed Grinding.
  •  Ultra Precision Bearings are used for supporting both heads.
  •  Grinding Wheel duly balanced.
  •  Lubrication Pump Provide for adequate lubrication of slides.
  •  High accuracy and excellent surface finish on work piece.

Model H50 H100 H150 H200 H250
Grinding Capacity ( in mm ) 1 to 40 1 to 75 2 to 100 2 to 160 2 to 160
Grinding Wheel Size ( in mm ) 350 x 50x 127mm 350 x 100x 127 400x150x203.2 500x200x305 500 x 250x 305
Grinding Wheel Speed : R.P.M 1800/2000 1800/2000 1600 to 1800 1200 1200
Regulating Wheel Size ( in mm ) 225 x 50 x 76.2 225 x 100 x 76.2mm 250x150x110 300x200x127 305 x 250 x 127
Regulating Wheel Speed:

0-200 RPM

18x45x100 RPM 18x45x100 RPM Variable with AC Drive Variable with ac drive
Grinding Wheel Head Motor 2 HP 7.5 HP 10 HP 15 HP 20 HP
(Optional) 3 HP 10 HP - - -
Regulating Wheel Head Motor 1HP 1HP 1HP 2 HP. 2 HP
Coolant Pump Motor 0.10 HP 0.10 HP 0.10 HP 0.18 HP 0.18 HP
Power Supply V/ac 415/Hz 50 Phase 3 V/ac 415/Hz 50 Phase 3 V/ac 415 V/ac 415 V/ac 415

Hydraulic dressing system for grinding and regulating wheel. AC Drive for Variable Speed of regulating Wheel
Oil lubrication system for Slides.
Paper Band Filter With Magnetic Coolant Separator.
Grinding Wheel A60 L5 Fitted on flange.
Magnetic Coolant Separator.
Regulating wheel fitted on flange.
Ball Screw for Main Slide.
Standard work rest blade 1 PC.
Micro feed for Precision work.
Two truing devices.
Anti Vibration Pads.
Dressing holders with diamond dressers for Grinding & Regulating Wheels.
Motorized Oil Circulating Unit for Grinding Wheel Head.
Splash guard.
Spare Wheel Flanges.
Tool Kit & oil cane.
Wheel Balance Stand with arbour.
Spanner for the nut of Grinding wheel & Regulating Wheel.
Automatic Loading/Unloading Attachment with Motorized
Conveyor system for throughfeed grinding.
Instruction Manual.
CNC Controller for In feed Grinding.
Auto Infeed grinding with hydraulic system.
Ejector for throughfeed grinding.
Ejector for in feed grinding.
Motorized lubrication Pump for slides.
Spindle support with centre for grinding wheel head.
Automatic balancer for grinding wheel.
Semi automatic balancer for grinding wheel.